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Arduino 1

How I got my Arduino

A week ago I had the chance to participate in a wonderful workshop on sound design given by David Strang.  First, he gave the lecture “Surface Sounds” about his works. Then, in his workshop, he showed how to solder a contact microphone and how to make hydrophones (for underwater recording) and we went out to get some grips on the devices. Lecture, workshop and exhibition came to an invitation by Petra Klusmeyer.  It really was  good fun, and apart from that his inspiration made me to get an Arduino after all.

First grips

I got an Arduino Uno (R2) in a kit with some LEDs and other stuff so that I could immediately start with examples from the internet. A flashing LED, a dimming LED and the like. I got it fed electricity via USB but it takes away a lot of physical freedom. So I decided to practice my DIY abilities and soldering skills. I spent 2€ on a switch and a battery adapter and did some happy soldering. Notice on the picture (below, right) that one could have gotten away with less soldering, a recall to don’t drink and solder.

From cheap parts (left) to something handy (right)

Physical action

The kit had an LED with RGB connections. That is what most intrigued me from the start. After I understood well how to connect the wires I put the LED on a cable to attach it on my finger. With a very simple digital photo camera that has a longest exposure time of 2 seconds I wanted to take stills of the moving light with changing colours. I programmed the Arduino to flash a sequence that repeats every 2 seconds. The code is not beautiful nor flexible yet but it does the job (I might actually put the code as a comment to the post).

Pressing the camera button at the right moment I got a few nice pictures taken.

The Ring of Fire

a friend

A friend

a smoke

A Smoke