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Music Theory

As a mostly autodidactic musician the concepts off scales, intervals, chords or rhythms can be quite mixed up, so when you work together with others it can get a bit complicated sometimes. Reading one’s way through encyclopaedias is lengthy, so I find it nice to find a book about all that, where knowledgeable people explain the whole picture. One place for such is certainly wikibooks. Users are working on a book on Music Theory since something like 2004 and it has gained quite a size. I was happy to see chapters on

Some other chapters are still quite short and need our efforts to be as good as the two mentioned ones.

Happy reading and extending!



Sometimes it’s really hard to find just that piece of information one needs to get done with the work. Searching a program’s homepage, looking around in the uncountable forums or playing with the settings can be very time consuming. On one of that journeys I passed by a site which I have seen before but did not remember:“Free manuals for free software”. Concerning music making I was happy to see the new Ardour manual and an Audacity manual.

There are many more documents about streaming, video editing and graphic design software, general Linux commands and other. The site is nicely made, very appealing to the eye and comes as well in other languages than English, however not all of the manuals are translated. Maybe YOU want to supply one?

FLOSS manuals screenshot

A screenshot from the FLOSS manuals main page.