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madfuload (m-audio transit), fedora 20 and ubuntu 13

I’m stuck. Madfuload used to put my M-Audio Transit card to work under linux but not on the new Ubuntu versions or Fedora (I recently changed to Fedora 20). It doesn’t work anymore. Something has changed.

It’s not in the repository (of Fedora) so I downloaded the sources (madfu loader). The configure scripts have to be adjusted slightly to get the sources compiled. The Transit still doesn’t work, neither does the Midiman Oxygen according to a post from Oliver Sampson on the madfu user mailing list, where the necessary changes in the configure scripts can be found, too.

So, any help is really appreciated. What’s wrong? I tried to use the dfu-programmer, so far with no success either. Is there more people with this problem? With common efforts it should be possible to solve (“Like” this to solve the problem)!


off topic: Can’t ssh into a Ubuntu 12.04 box

After a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04 followed by an install of the ssh-meta package (which includes the ssh server and client) as well as firestarter (to allow ssh access through the firewall) I wasn’t able to login from a remote machine. Worse: firestarter didn’t show a denied ssh-access, which I expected after a fresh install. Fooling around with /etc/sshd_config didn’t change a thing. Until I stumbled about a piece of information on the internet, that open my eyes.
Starting up firestarter it displayed a message saying “Failed to open the system log. No event information will be available” and “Error reading system log (null), file does not exist.”. At first I ignored them and thought, oh well, I don’t care. But I do, ’cause that is the reason for not displaying the deny-message which I needed to allow access. Another search revealed the solution:

From Ubuntu 11.04 on rsylogd is installed rather than syslogd which firestarter was expecting. I edited /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf by changing the lines commented out that create the relevant logfile

    # auth,authpriv.none;\
    # cron,daemon.none;\
    # mail,news.none -/var/log/messages


    mail,news.none -/var/log/messages

Then restarting rsyslog with sudo service rsyslog restart and restarting firestarter the problem disappears.

(the last bit I found on askubuntu)