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compiling sooperlooper

I recently downloaded the newest sources of sooperlooper (1.6.13). Ubuntu 8.04 comes with a version from 2005 (1.0.8), which actually surprised me a bit. Compiling the sources is not a big deal, but ubuntu users will not find one of the packages from the build requirements in the standard repositories: Rubberband.

To compile rubberband you will need another package, fftw-3. This, in turn, requires vamp-sdk. Downloading and compiling from bottom to top you should be able to compile sooperlooper, all other packages (and their package-dev counterparts!) are found in the repositories.


sooperlooper segmentation fault

I wrote before, that I couldn’t get sooperlooper started. It turned out to be a problem which has nothing to do with sooperlooper. Because the sooperlooper server runs up fine but the GUI cannot connect to it. Filling in the right data for host name etc. and reconnecting, the GUI quits with a segmentatioin fault.

I found out that my hosts were not resolved correctly, apparently after changing my hostname the wrong way. So I changed the second line of file /etc/hosts so that it reads: myCorrectHostname
It was wrong before and after that sooperlooper works fine!

By the way: I could have known much earlier, since the GUI gives a message which ends in “…Also check that the system’s hostname resolves properly.”. But I only realised it when I was looking for how to get rid of a warning message that I got whenever running sudo anyCommand. It read
sudo: unable to resolve host myCorrectHostname
Both problems had the same cause. Solved!

Introduction to Sooperlooper

Sooperlooper is a live looping sampler. It’s a great program! The main idea is to record and loop different audio samples in parallel. Already saved audio files can be loaded and looped as well. Many different features for recording or synchronizing make it a toy for long hours of playing around with. It interfaces with the jack audio connection kit, comes with ubuntu linux and, obviously, is free to download, copy and alter (GPL V2.0). Compiling the source is not as easy on ubuntu platforms (due to some package problems), I might post on that later.

Running slgui (the user interface comes separated from the actual looping server) a window opens with one (empty) stereo loop device and the jack master output (which is the input plus all active loops) is opened.

sooperlooper main window

sooperlooper main window

The main functions to start with are the record button, trigger, overdub and mute.  When recording is started the input is piped to that loop and recorded. Pressing record again the loop is played back (and looped) from the beginning.  Overdub starts recording over what is played back, mixing both together with a ratio defined by the “feedback” bar. When muted “trig” starts looping the sample, whereas “once” stops playback (of that loop) after the first round.These few functions give already a lot of fun. Using “undo” and “redo” to the left one can play happily with the first loop.

All this is nicely done when using a MIDI keyboard. In the preferences  one can make sooperlooper to “learn” MIDI events for different commands. With vkeybd (post) I arranged the main functions on the keys from 1-5 for the first loop and the rows below for others.  A detailed description of all functions is found on the website.

More loops can be opened and synchronized, more on that in a later post.