Smasher, an open source beat-slicer

For a time now I was looking for an open source beat-slicer. I came across Smasher reading Dave Phillips’ latest article on, always a good read by the way. As he does a review on it in his article and I just installed it ten minutes ago, I will not bother you by another review.

As he points out, Smasher needs a variety of libraries to be built. Trying to compile it, I bumped into an error in wrapsound.cpp a few times, until I realized that from the same sourceforge page one can download a package smasher-1.1.6-ubuntu_i386.deb. It worked without problems for me on Ubuntu 8.04.

Then I started up Smasher and to my full delight it played the example file back as well straight to alsa as through a jack-server. So I’m quite excited about trying it out…

snapshot from

snapshot from


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