sooperlooper segmentation fault

I wrote before, that I couldn’t get sooperlooper started. It turned out to be a problem which has nothing to do with sooperlooper. Because the sooperlooper server runs up fine but the GUI cannot connect to it. Filling in the right data for host name etc. and reconnecting, the GUI quits with a segmentatioin fault.

I found out that my hosts were not resolved correctly, apparently after changing my hostname the wrong way. So I changed the second line of file /etc/hosts so that it reads: myCorrectHostname
It was wrong before and after that sooperlooper works fine!

By the way: I could have known much earlier, since the GUI gives a message which ends in “…Also check that the system’s hostname resolves properly.”. But I only realised it when I was looking for how to get rid of a warning message that I got whenever running sudo anyCommand. It read
sudo: unable to resolve host myCorrectHostname
Both problems had the same cause. Solved!


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