things to come

Since the last post it has been a while, but the blog is not dead! That concert drained a lot of energy, therefore the publishing had to wait. Back on track, at the moment I am working on new posts. If working out as planned, there will be

  • a follow-up to the “Introduction to Sooperlooper”,
  • some insights into sound generation with python
  • and hopefully good news about using ATOM powered platforms for making live music.

I know that most people think, only the fastest and the best computer is good for music generation. But music has been made on computers for many years by now. Actually, this ATOM cpu seems to be close to the performance of the 1.4GHz Centrino, with which I have made some very good experiences. So, what is more important in the end is the creativity of the musician rather then the capacity of the equipment.

I haven’t been able to find a working real-time kernel for an ATOM cpu and my efforts on compiling my own haven’t been very fruitful. But I’ll keep looking for it. Maybe one should launch something like a netbookRT.sourceforge project? Any comments/ideas?


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