connecting JACK with qjackctl

In my post about the virtual midi keyboard I already mentioned qjackctl, a Qt-based user interface for the JACK demon. It comes with standard packages, my current version is 0.3.2 (website).

qjackctl – main window

qjacktl screenshot

Running the program for the first time, one should set up the demon, since it doesn’t know that it has to use the real-time kernel by default (it didn’t for me). Pressing Setup a window opens up where I enabled the real-time option. I let all other values as they were, Save and OK. Now we are ready to Start the demon. With the Messages button one can see JACK’s information which can be useful when something isn’t working.

Clicking on Connect one can show and hide a window where the internal connections are drawn. Audio and MIDI programs have channels for input and/or output which will show up in this window. After starting the demon with no other (JACK) program running, there are the card’s input and output ports with the name system. I have one each (internal card). One could mark both ports and click Connect and the microphone is wired to the speaker. This is not too exciting but this is a way to go. Better one runs some effect generator like creox which is a simple guitar effects generator (website).  Creox has to be put into play mode either by pressing space or through the Effector menu.

qjackctl – connections window

qjackctl screenshot connections

Using the voice might lead to interesting results. Now I can sing with echo or distortion!

Other features of the user interface will be topic of later posts.


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